1. Dumb Freestyle
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Dumb Freestyle

Bitch its Young Lyric back on that dumb shit
When u see the mob comin better run bitch
Hit the gas and we blast we aint sayin shit
We just dump when they run up wit that dumb shit
Actin bad in yo city wit my click bitch
Gettin racks just to party that’s a quick lick
Take it back to the trap tell em flip that shit
Talkin bricks bitch u gotta get at least 10
Talkin pounds then u gotta get at least a thousand
U was snitchin now a bunch of niggas dead
I heard these bitches puttin prices on my head
Free my nigga Jam locked up the fed
When he hit the block its back to gettin big bread
Niggaz talkin shit they but they aint gettin no cash
Fuck wit me, u gone leave here in a body bag
Mona lisa let me find out where the dope at
Catch em slippin he gone wind up wit his toe tagged
Ion know, shit bout that fuckin case
If u fuck, wit the opps, bitch u fake
Make the chopper sang to em like its Drake
Shake em down like a muthafuckin shake
Playin wit the gang, bitch u gone get killed
Mob ties how a muthafuckin live
Cuz im really in the muthafuckin field
YL in the field with that glock
Hurtin feelins when I pull up in the drop
Niggas get it how they livin on the block
Errbody fuckin wit me cuz im hot
I don’t give a fuck, cuz I got options
Movin in the field like Deshaun Watson
Swear to God bitch niggas cant stop us
Lost my nigga Marley and my fuckin conscience
H-town we a muthafuckin problem
Isson sight when we see him we gone drop em
Catch him flexin on the scene we gone pop him
New wave in this bitch n we aint stoppin
Got it out the mud, started from the bottom
Cashin out takin errbody shoppin
Why u screamin get him, I already got em
Heard u niggas out here workin wit the fuckin laws
Had a feelin that’s the reason I don’t fuck wit yall
Gimme a pistol and a scale and bitch im goin off
Gimme a pistol and a scale and bitch im goin off