Looked up, these bitches shook up
I just took some time to cook up, Top light that good up
This bitch about to get touched up, Pull out the dump truck
All that flexin on the phone, gone get u fucked up
… Bitch he mine now, why u line now
Hit the wave, u get wiped out, cut the lights out
Countin cash, at the hideout, like the white house
Heard ya team, scared to ride out, let me find out (uh)

Yikes, Ima boss, u a thot 4 life
Yikes, niggas broke, they aint got no ice
Yikes, I got ties, u gone pay the price
I look like, his new wife
Yikes, Told u once, aint gone say it twice
Yikes, we just met, I cant spend the night
Yikes, U aint here, u cant get a slice
Rolled the dice, now this bitch, right up in my sights

..Yeah.. I got, these hoes, mad
I don’t need a nigga bread cuz I got, my own, cash
I don’t do deposits nigga, I need, the whole, bag
A&R just text me said we keep, play-yin phone tag
Uh… I keep two poles, yeah
Hoppin out wit Junior, all my, jewelry, on froze, yeah
I get to the money, cuz that’s, all that, I know, yeah
Ion want ya man, but if I did, he would propose, yeah
(bump bump bump bump bump)
Ooh, I been that bitch, U aint shit, Don’t get it confused
Earned my respect, drip finesse, who the fuck are u?
These bitches pressed, lookin dumb we are not amused
Roll wit the mob, that’s an offer that u cant refuse

Yikes, I get bags, bitch Im set for life
Yikes, bitch u trash, I do it for spite
Yikes, Akktin bad, it aint nuttin nice
Keep my, name, out ya, mouf, or the, shit on site
Yikes, All this hype, had to raise the price
Yikes, All these plants, growin overnight
Yikes, he alright, but he aint my type
Bitch im married to the mob got em throwin rice

Bad Bitch.. U aint fuckin wit me so u mad bitch..
Fake shit in a casket
Real princess – ima savage